Home inspection report – calculating costs for maintenance

Why a home inspection report won’t give you future costs

A home inspection report is all about preparing you for the future. It highlights areas of a home you’re considering buying that may cause you issues in the future, or are likely to need significant maintenance quickly after purchase.

However, many people ask whether I can include estimated costs for future repairs or maintenance in a home inspection report – and unfortunately that just isn’t feasible. Here’s why:

  1. Costs change constantly. In today’s market, builders have plenty of work on – so they’re able to adjust their prices to suit. Additionally, the cost of materials can change, so the overall cost to you can vary hugely.
  2. Repairs can be a Pandora’s box. In a home inspection report, I’ll give you the most accurate, honest view of a home’s current state. However, if something is behind the walls and you haven’t booked invasive testing, then it can be hard to know what else you’ll find when renovating or repairing.
  3. You’ll need to talk to a specialist. Although I may able to estimate how much something might cost from my years of experience, it’s the specialists who can give a truly accurate view. For example, if I discover asbestos then I will, without a doubt, tell you about it – but you’d need to talk to an asbestos expert to know how much it will cost to definitively remove it.
  4. Everyone has different needs. One person may go for a straight repair; others may want to also improve a home when they do repairs or maintenance. You’ll have your own preferences and desires, which will affect the cost of repairs or maintenance.

The good news about a home inspection report

Luckily, although I can’t give you repair or replacement costs, I can still give you a lot of information that will help you budget for the future. In a home inspection report, I’ll highlight issues with cladding or weathertightness, roofing, bathrooms, kitchens, insulation, hot water cylinders and more. You’ll receive an upfront, honest view of the home’s current state so that you can make a more informed decision about buying.

I’ve also put together a guide to some of the most common costs you should consider when buying an existing home – read it here.

If you, or someone you know, are looking to buy and need to make a more informed decision, get a free quote for a home inspection report today.

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