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The importance of an Auckland house inspection no matter what state the property market is in

With the fluctuating and unpredictable nature of the Auckland property market, it can feel like there’s pressure on purchasers to make quick decisions before anything changes. But when purchasing a house or property, it’s important not to skip any step in the process for the sake of saving time or money – particularly a house inspection.

Rushing the process

When the housing market is experiencing a boom, many want to get in while they can – particularly in Auckland. Some don’t factor in the cost of a house inspection in the process and skip the important step to either save money or save time. 

While this might be okay in the short term, I’ve seen it come back to bite people as time goes on! I knew a man who rushed through his purchase and bought a home without organising a house inspection – and ended up purchasing an absolute lemon that he ended up spending more money on than he initially saved skipping an inspection. 

The cost of skipping a house inspection

In 2018 and 2019, I fielded so many calls from people who’d purchased homes in the 2014 Auckland boom without getting a house inspection. Several years later, they were wanting to get an inspection after realising the property had several problems that they’d only just become aware of. Unfortunately, a house inspection after the purchase is complete is nowhere near as valuable as it is before. 

For these customers, it was upsetting knowing they’d purchased a home with problems they could have prevented, but even tougher knowing they’d paid way too much for their house. Getting a pre purchase house inspection before signing on the dotted line would have helped to avoid all that annoyance!

Protecting you and your home in 2021

No matter what happens in the Auckland property market this year (and I’m not going to get into the business of predicting it!) a house inspection is an absolute must. While it might feel right to take advantage of a boom and purchase a house while you can, rushing the process will only cause you a headache – both personally and financially – down the line. 

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