Taking care of the roof over your head

Taking care of the roof over your head

No matter the material of your roof, be it concrete tile, clay tile, decramastic tile or iron, the protective coating will eventually need to be redone.

The good news is that paint and protective coatings for roofs have dramatically improved over time, which has resulted in longer periods between them having to be redone, and also increased the periods of weather protection they offer.

Unfortunately, most of us do not budget for keeping our roofs in tip top shape, nor do we want to keep paying to keep them in such a condition, so the old saying “out of sight out of mind” can come into play quite often. But it is important if you want your roof to last, as maintenance is a key part of ensuring longevity and weather tightness.

The battle of the budget

Money spent today may save you money in the future. After all, when roofs get to the end of their lifespan, they may have to be replaced, which can be an expensive exercise.

Knowing budgets are a concern could explain why I’ve been coming across so many roofs that have been poorly recoated – perhaps they got a good price for the recoat? These people often find the coating peels off soon after being done. This brings to mind another old saying: “You get what you pay for.” This is why getting a reputable company to carry out any maintenance, or to recoat your roof, makes sound economic sense.

Sort it during summer

As the fine weather approaches, it also makes sense to carry out the required maintenance of your roof over these drier periods. If you wait until a leak occurs when the weather is wetter, it can make carrying out the work required more difficult.

I used Transformation Property Maintenance Ltd to recoat my roof, and was very happy with their workmanship, and how my roof looked after being recoated. If you need to maintain, repair, recoat your roof, consider calling Laine Dunn for a no obligation quote on 027 279 4444 or laine@rooftransformation.co.nz.

Make sure to take care if you intend to inspect your own roof, and if you have any doubts about safety, get someone else to carry out the inspection.

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