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Looking after gutters with the help of a pre purchase house inspection

Gutters. They seem simple enough, but when something goes wrong they can cause big problems. Blocked gutters and downpipes can be a serious defect if they lead to water or structural damage! 

When a qualified property inspector does a pre purchase house inspection, they’ll keep an eye out for any problems with the guttering of a home or any structural damage. That way, you can be fully aware of the condition of the home you are purchasing. But once you are in your dream home, there are some things you can also do yourself to stop any damage happening. Taking care of your gutters is an important task to do at least twice a year – and luckily it’s pretty easy. 

Looking after your gutters

Gutters will likely always have some debris in them – especially if you have trees around. Every now and again, you’ll want to clean out the debris and muck into a bucket to get rid of. Once that’s done, be sure to flush out the gutters and downpipes thoroughly with water from the hose (depending on water restrictions, of course). Flushing the pipes not only helps you make sure that they are properly clean but will also show if the downpipe is blocked. If that’s the case, you might need to call in a professional!

A clean gutter not only looks great when it comes time to sell your home, but also means that no water will get backed up and debris won’t wear away at your roof and guttering system. Spending the time and money on keeping them tidy and functional means you’ll have a trouble-free gutter for a long time!

Gutters and a pre purchase house inspection

If you’re looking at purchasing a house, be sure to get a pre purchase house inspection for a full rundown of the house’s interior and exterior – including the gutters and draining. While gutter problems can be fixed, it’s good to be aware of the potential repair costs you might need to factor in if you are wanting to go ahead with your purchase!

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