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How a house inspection can spot what’s happening underneath a home

When a property inspector does a house inspection, they’ll be paying attention to a whole list of things throughout the house. While there are some obvious things that will always be included in a house inspection report (like the roofing or insulation), there are other aspects some might forget to consider without the help of a property inspector. All too often people forget to check what keeps the house standing – the piles and foundations under your property. 

Why is it so important to ensure your property inspector checks underneath your house? And what should they be looking out for?

What are piles?

Piles are the things that keep your house standing, providing the foundations that everything else is built upon. They are there to make sure that the weight of the house is evenly distributed across the land and soil it rests on. They also play a key part in ensuring the house is balanced and stands straight – because you don’t want an off-balance home!

Have a look under any house built in New Zealand and you’ll find that most foundations are generally formed by wooden poles or posts, or concrete piles with wooden jack studs.

What will a property inspector look for under a house?

No part of a home lasts forever, and over time piles might begin to rot; the weight of a home might become unevenly balanced. Older homes in particular are prone to pile damage, as some were built on tree stump piles which pose problems as time goes on. Piles can become cause for concern when they start moving, which may cause the house above to twist or crack. 

A good property inspector will look for whether the piles of a home have ever been replaced, or whether they might need replacing soon. They’ll also check that any new homes have foundations that meet Building Code requirements and are earthquake-proof. 

No matter what, they’ll look out for whether the piles are in a good, healthy condition and are properly braced. There’s a lot riding on these hidden features so you’ll want to make sure they are in tip-top condition!

Why a house inspection is so important

The foundations of a home are crucial – so why would you leave them to chance? While the untrained eye might be able to look at foundations and piles, only a trained property inspector can give you the entire picture about the state of what’s happening underneath your potential home. 

Re-piling a home and repairing foundations is a lengthy and expensive task, so you’ll want to know exactly what condition the piles are in before you commit to a new property. Ensuring the safety of your home’s foundations with a house inspection report means that you can sleep easy knowing you are on steady ground!

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