Getting good guttering

Getting good guttering

It’s been a little barmy just how balmy this autumn has been – but while the temperatures have been staying summery, rain has still been on the rise. So, with rain in mind, May’s focus is on guttering. It’s been quite a while since I last talked about the importance of quality gutter construction, so it seemed high time to revisit things and remind you of some of the ins and outs of taking care of your pipes.


Household maintenance is important in a lot of areas of your home – and gutter maintenance is right up there. If you don’t have gutter protectors installed – and especially if you have tall trees anywhere near your house – then you need to be extra vigilant about debris clogging things up. Be sure to clean things out at least twice year – ideally once in spring, and once in autumn.

Scrubbing up nicely

In terms of what you need to do to get things cleared out, it’s fairly straightforward. Clean out the debris and muck into a bucket – and empty it regularly as you move around the house, so as not to overbalance yourself on the ladder.

Once that’s done, be sure to flush the gutter with a hose – this will not only make sure that things are thoroughly washed away, but will also allow you to check whether the downpipe is blocked at all. If that’s the case, you may need to call in the professionals.

If you encounter any leaks in the pipes when you’re getting things cleaned, you can seal them up by caulking the inside of the problem area with a dedicated gutter sealant.

Taking care

Make sure to take care when you’re doing this, though – ladders need to be in good working order and placed on stable ground. If you’re not confident in your balance and strength when above the ground, it may be best to hire a contractor.

A clean gutter means that water won’t get backed up, and debris won’t wear away at your roof and guttering system. So take the time to keep things tidy, and you’ll thank yourself down the track when you have a functional, trouble-free gutter for a long time!

And as ever, if you need a professional opinion on the gutters or any other part of your home or a house you are potentially buying, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m always happy to investigate and let you know what’s looking good and what may need a little bit of work. We all want to have homes that are safe and healthy for us and our families, after all.

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