Can you spot a ‘P’ house?

Can you spot a ‘P’ house?

Perhaps you saw an article in the NZ Herald this weekend about a ‘P’ house. A solo mum and her two children were living in the home when a neighbour tipped them off that it could be contaminated by P.

After getting tests for P residue done, it was found that the drug levels were 25 times over the safety limit! Said the mother, “I was horrified. I know residue from that drug is toxic and I had real worries for my family’s health.”

‘P’ houses cost thousands

P can contaminate a home, even if it’s not being cooked there. Just smoking P can cause a home to become contaminated – and there aren’t necessarily any visible signs of it.

The thousands it could cost you if you accidentally buy a P house is far more costly than getting your house inspected. P houses aren’t just restricted to the ‘dodgy’ suburbs either. A clean home or a house in a good area is no guarantee that the house is safe. Although the cost of decontaminating a home varies, you should realistically be expecting thousands of dollars – and in some cases well over $10,000.

Living in a ‘P’ home affects your health

High enough P levels can cause serious illness and birth defects. You may think that a visual inspection of the property will tell you what you’re getting, but that’s dead wrong. Some of the most costly problems a house can have will come from things that you can’t see. Looking at the cracks, insulation, heating, and so forth is just part of a proper property inspection.

Testing for P is a speciality service that I do not provide, but there are several companies that do. Make sure you do your research first and check what they test (and to what degree). Because as the old saying goes – you get what you pay for!

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