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Could new pool fencing laws affect the property you’re buying?

While keeping up with new legislation isn’t the average person’s idea of fun, recent legal changes around pool fencing could affect you and your property. While I won’t go into all the nitty-gritty details about what’s changing (you can read them for yourself here), the crux of it is that on 1 January 2017, the […]

Have you done your sums? Hidden costs when buying a property

If you’re looking to buy a home, you may be wondering whether it’s worth hiring a building inspector to complete a pre-purchase home inspection. If the house looks good to you, is a building inspection worth the cost? What many home buyers don’t realise is that houses can come with hidden costs, and choosing not […]

What to look for in building inspection reports

How to get peace of mind from your pre-purchase or pre-sale building inspection reports Pre-purchase or pre-sale; there are a couple of different types of building inspection reports. While they both make up an important part of a negotiation around a purchase, they are sought by different parties in a negotiation, for different purposes. First […]

Don’t let an old home become a headache

Why a building inspection is vital – and what to look for to know if an older home is a good buy There’s no doubt that there’s something charming about old homes – whether it’s a turn of the century villa, a California-inspired bungalow or a relic from the post-war building boom. However, there are […]