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Building your network of property professionals

Working in the property inspection industry, I get the chance to meet and work with some great people. I’m pleased to have Simone Jonelle – Sales Manager at Bayleys Ellerslie and a longtime friend of mine – on the blog to share her expertise on the property industry. The old saying goes that it takes […]

What a lawyer helps with when you’re purchasing a new home

The process of purchasing your new home can often be an intimidating one. There’s plenty of jargon, complicated procedures, and a big financial commitment involved. Having a lawyer along for the ride is crucial – but what exactly are they looking for when they’re helping you complete your purchase?  While you don’t need to understand […]

Your property season checklist

As the year winds down, it’s time to relax and reflect – for some people anyway! In the property industry, the summer real estate season is just beginning and it’s as busy as ever. Summer is always a good time to consider selling, so there are plenty of homes on the market.  Selling or purchasing […]