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The heat is on

When it comes to buying a new home, checking out what sort of heating it has (or doesn’t have!) is important info to know. After all, a warm home is vital for your health and comfort, and going into it blind can really put a ‘dampener’ on your love of your new place! There are […]

Healthy Homes – it’s not just for renters

                            If you’re in the market for a new home or thinking about moving from a rental to owner-occupied, you’re likely to be familiar with the Healthy Homes Standards. These were brought in to ensure a better standard of dwelling for tenants […]

Building Basics – Electrical

Across our Building Basics series, we’ve covered everything we look for in a pre-inspection, from the roof to the foundations. As with our blog on plumbing last time, your potential purchase’s electrics and wiring may be hidden in walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, out of sight does not mean peace of mind… It pays to have […]

Building basics – Plumbing

Unexpected plumbing problems in your new home can really take the shine off that exciting purchase. That’s why a comprehensive property inspection is a must before you sign on the dotted line. Plumbing issues can run the gamut from minor and fixable, right through to being expensive and incredibly disruptive. Because much of your home’s […]

Building Basics – Cladding

One of the first things buyers notice when they pull up outside their potential new home is the cladding – the building material that is used to cover a structure’s exterior. When it comes to residential cladding, there are plenty of types used. All come with different pros and cons and things to be aware […]

Building Basics – Roofing

When it comes to buying a home, making sure the roof over your head is sound is a very important – but often overlooked – consideration. The integrity of your home, and the quality of life you have in it, relies on a roof that’s going to keep out the elements. And because replacing or […]