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Common problems that pop up in a home inspection report

Every home is different. But when a property inspector puts together a home inspection report, there are a few common problems that pop up more often than others. Being aware of them might help you notice things while you are doing your own viewing, or prepare you for your own home inspection report. Not to […]

How a property inspection report can detect water damage

It’s common knowledge that water and moisture damage is one of the biggest property inspection red flags. But what is water damage, and what should you be keeping an eye out for in a potential home before getting your property inspection report? What causes water damage? Water damage can be caused by a few different […]

Why security matters even after your house inspection

One of the more difficult realities of being a home-owner is dealing with burglars. While we can cross our fingers it won’t happen to us and lock our doors, I’ve learned that locks only keep honest people out! And while a property inspector may assess the security of a property during a house inspection, security […]